The Golden Harp of Joel Andrews
A picture of Joel Andrews
May 25th, 1928 - March 20th, 2019

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    Joel Andrews is a harpist, healer, composer, and author, he has captivated international audiences with his exquisite transcendental music for over 40 years. His music evokes a purity and radiance of the celestial realms that raises one’s energy and vibrations to the realms of supernal light, bringing harmony, healing, balance and inner peace. His music and books have spread to many countries.

A Harp Full of Stars-Journey of A Music Healer

Miracles through Music
The Odyssey of a Music Healer

by Joel Andrews

This inspiring book brings rich revelations with spiritual insights and principles. It reveals how music can heal -- a technique learned by Joel Andrews as he traveled the world playing the harp, and this is the art we learn how to apply as we follow him in his journey. In this book a renowned harpist, whose music doctors use to assist patients and Norman Shealy calls "the most transcendent", has helped us discover our own healing abilities.

It is a perfect addition for musicians, music therapists, harpists, psychics, artists, creative people and spiritual seekers in all walks of life.

"A most remarkable virtuoso and musician" -- The San Francisco Chronicle.

"...skill, musicianship, and sensitivity." -- The New York Times.

Seraphic Aurora 
 Masterworks of Johann Sebastian Bach

Seraphic Aurora
Masterworks of Johann Sebastian Bach
Joel Andrews, Harpist

“Masterful harpistry--a crowning achievement”
Dear Friends and music lovers, we are thrilled to announce the long- awaited arrival of Joel Andrews' exquisite new CD, “Seraphic Aurora”. This is truly one of Bach’s masterpieces.
Mr. Andrews brings exquisite nuances and mastery to new heights, as Bach comes alive with his expression and brilliant interpretive subtlety.
Included are the “Prelude No. 1 in C Major” -- “Prelude No. 8 in Eb minor” -- “Partita No. 2 in D Minor” (includes the celebrated “Chaconne”) -- along with his sublime improvisations in the style of Bach, “Seraphs of Light” and “Aurora Borealis“.
It is a divine expression of his finest musicality and gifts.

A Rapture of Bells
Joel Andrews, Harp and Bells
Shawkie Roth, Bells

This CD brings you the The Magical Sounds of the bells of Carmel, to enchant and mesmerize you with their soothing and hypnotic melodies, dancing in the wind. It is like a sprinkling of fine gold dust inviting you to a festival of angels and archangels!

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