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In Person Individual Sessions

Come join Serafina in the beautiful redwoods of Northern California near the Mendocino Coast for your Personal Session!

“The Artist’s Way”

Opening to Your Highest Potential

Serafina in France     The search for the highest truth and deepest fulfillment is a potential We all have. This personal session calls forth the artist within you who longs to fulfill the call of your heart and soul. With the help of guides and masters we will call forth your highest potential and show you steps toward reaching this goal. As the artist within you opens to this calling you will see how to contact, listen to and trust your own inner guidance, the key to all success and fulfillment.

Each session is designed for the individual, directed and focused on their needs and potential. The methods will differ for each individual artist. Success in using these methods is a step towards this enlightened path.

This includes the Individual Soul - Path Awakening session, “Awaken the Artist Within”
Sessions with Serafina will take place in her Barn Studio
On a 100 year old apple farm.
$450.00 per day.
50% deposit at time of registration.

To schedule your appointments Please contact Serafina
(707) 964-6740

Directions will be sent at time of registration.
Please note: if there is a need for cancellation, there is a $50 fee to cover the time and preparation for your special session needs. We are about 2.5 hour drive from Santa Rosa and a 4.5 hour drive from San Francisco.

Come enjoy the Mendocino area while you are here!

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Serafina Andrews has a great love for drawing and painting. She attended the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and over the years has co-created with the Angelic World through her dancing, writing, and Soul-Path Awakenings. Opened as an oracle in 1985, she brings the gift of angelic voices to Earth. Her recent works Keys of Passage and The Wisdom of Emotions - Transforming the Inner Conflicts of Mind, Body, and Soul, lead us in quantum leaps toward humanity's purpose and destiny. She travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia, giving seminars and retreats with her husband Harpist/Healer Joel Andrews.