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2018/2019 SEMINARS,
If you would like to have
special Healing Seminars in your area,
please give us a call. We are booking now.
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Major New CD Release!

Seraphic Aurora
Masterworks of Johann Sebastian Bach
Joel Andrews, Harpist

“Masterful harpistry--a crowning achievement”
Dear Friends and music lovers, we are thrilled to announce the long- awaited arrival of Joel Andrews' exquisite new CD, “Seraphic Aurora”. This is truly one of Bach’s masterpieces.
Mr. Andrews brings exquisite nuances and mastery to new heights, as Bach comes alive with his expression and brilliant interpretive subtlety.
Included are the “Prelude No. 1 in C Major” -- “Prelude No. 8 in Eb minor” -- “Partita No. 2 in D Minor” (includes the celebrated “Chaconne”) -- along with his sublime improvisations in the style of Bach, “Seraphs of Light” and “Aurora Borealis“.
It is a divine expression of his finest musicality and gifts.

New Book Release!

Miracles Through Music - The Odyssey of a Music Healer
by Joel Andrews

A Harp Full of Stars-Journey of A Music Healer

After four years of writing, Mr. Andrews’ new book, “Miracles Through Music” is coming off the presses! He reports on highlights of his tours through Europe, and hundreds of testimonies of healing miracles from his over 3,000 clients. He describes how he was “opened as a channel” to co-create music with higher dimensions. Included are conversations with plants and animals, expansions of the Spiritual Renaissance concepts of “Co-creation” and “Love”, and guidance along the path to spiritual awakening. “Miracles” is much expanded from his last book, “A Harp Full of Stars”. The Appendix contains many of the systems given to him for his ground-breaking work, such as how to translate letters into pitches and their deeper symbolism. Here you will also find valuable affirmations. This unique revelation has expanded the potential of the harp and should be of value to harpists, music therapists, healers, psychics, artists, and spiritual seekers in all walks of life.

“He plays like a god!” – Romula Nijinsky, wife of the great Russian Dancer

“The music of Joel Andrews evokes a purity and radiance of the celestial realms that is rarely heard or experienced here on Earth….His music immediately raises one’s energy and vibrations to the realms of Supernal Light.” – Aoliah

“His music is some of the most transcendent I have experienced. We use it frequently to assist patients in entering all states of consciousness.” – C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

"This is an amazing book! Filled with beams of light radiating higher truths. Every chapter opened new worlds for me. I have heard Joel Andrews play in Concert and have been transformed. I had no idea his book would revel such a rich spectrum of miracles."
- Sophia Brooks


NEW!! Dream Time with the Fairy Angels

Written and Illustrated by Serafina Andrews

Imagine a book that can help your children enter the dream time at night knowing they will feel safe.
This charming book, with the help of the fairy angels, invites little folks to dance, play, and have fun as they are shown a positive view of the world. It can help them open to their own creative gifts.

Magical Story
"This is a such a lovely children's book and moms and dads will enjoy how it helps their children wind down- most appreciated!
My daughter says " I really love it. It makes me very happy and sleepy." Perfect!"
By Yoginimom - See all my reviews

26 pages of Story & Beautiful Illustrations
BOOK $9.95

New CD! "Harp of the Fairy Angels

with The Golden Harp of Joel Andrews

The Harp of the Fairy Angels CD Cover A perfect companion to "Dream Time with the Fairy Angels" to lull your little ones into a peaceful soothing sounds, bringing them positive feelings of protection, well-being, and joy.


Fairy Angel Poster

Fairy Angel Poster

by Serafina Andrews

Let these Guardian Fairy Angels surround and protect you as you dream at night! Perfect for your child's room to help them feel safe at night.
This lovely poster comes 13x19" ready to frame, and is sent in a mailing-tube for safe delivery.

Poster $20.00 ORDER HERE

 Now available from Golden Harp:

CD_cover.jpg "GLORIA for GAIA" featuring Harpist Joel Andrews

  Joel Andrews is a dedicated pioneer music healer. Here he has co-created, with his Sources, healing music for our beautiful planet and the life forms upon it. Whenever this unique music is played, it emanates resonances of cleansing, transmutation of negativity, and harmony to effect the surrounding environment. The Higher Beings who gave us this majestic and gloriously positive music have promised to carry it out into the world wherever it's needed, but they honor our free will and wait until we choose to take part in the grand plan of ascension of our world. So not only will this unique music cleanse, harmonize, and uplift the ambience of your home, but will be carried in ripples out across the countryside far and wide..

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We are working on a new series of recordings that support healing: Mr. Joel Andrews is creating new recordings to support therapy for: *Heart *Spleen *Organ Functions *Death & Dying *Migraines *Menopause *Aging & Rejuvenation *Thyroid Balancing. Mr. Andrews welcomes collaboration with scientific research to substantiate the positive effect of sound on healing. We also welcome suggestions, contributions, and any further information, to enhance the funding of this project. We are inviting further medical studies to document the scientific results of this music. Already it has a history of effectiveness during a 25-year span with 3,000 individual healing tapes Mr. Andrews has created.
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Golden Harp is pleased to announce a new addition to our web site: "SerafinArts"
The art work of Serafina Andrews. Drawings, Paintings and fine Geclee Prints available now!

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Message from Joel:
"After many years as an oracle for the Angelic realms in workshops and individual counseling in many countries, Serafina now offers some of her best artistic co-creations. These unique pieces carry Angelic vibrations and have been a favorite offering on our tours. They have been found to bring peace, joy, harmony and healing into a room."

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Interview on International Television
Joel and Serafina Andrews were guests on the international spiritual television talk show   "Bridging Heaven and Earth" (March 8, 2002). Please check with: , for more information on how to view this television program.
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